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ŠTRBSKÉ PLESO marketing is destination marketing company of Štrbské Pleso and Štrba region area in the High Tatras mountains.

Our mission is together with our partners an effective destination marketing and management. Promote Strbske Pleso and High Tatras as one of Slovak's leading tourism destinations for national and international visitors. Inspire people for visit, stay and perceive Štrbské Pleso as a clean, attractive destination with a unique natural and mountain environment. Through destination management, we coordinate the activities of destination actors for cooperation, cooperation, communication and creating conditions for the development of sustainable tourism. Primary service of ŠTRBSKÉ PLESO marketing is to provide executive digital marketing, communication, destination management and quality tourism product development with destination partners.

Destination marketing and management company

Tourists and visitors are online and use the network to get inspiration, research information and book holiday, stay or event using many different tools. Create and operate destination web-portals for visitors in acquiring information that will make their stay/ visit in Štrbské Pleso, Štrba region and High Tatras a memorable one, has become the objective we with our partners want to achieve.

In autumn 2016 we started working on marketing strategy and content research to find out about the passions and interests of tourists and visitors. We inspire and involve them by launching first "homepage" to collect the experiences, by dividing them into different reasons for choosing a holiday or stay.

Digital content that can inspire potential tourists with offers. "Telling them" about the area, proposing accommodation, services, routes, offers and experiences to discover. Strengthening Štrbské Pleso's presence and online visibility so that the decision to come on holiday and stay in Štrbské Pleso and High Tatras will be strengthened and channelled effectively. For this purpose we're designing, developing and managing the technology platform - web, mobile and social media accounts for Štrbské Pleso and Štrbko the Bear collect all stories, experiences or problems of our visitors and be happy to read them or

Destination management and Tourism product development

Next part of our job is destination management and developing destination tourism products, marketing and support of projects focused on sustainable development and quality of tourism in Štrbské Pleso and the High Tatras.

As part of creating cooperation platforms and initiating formalized cooperation of destination entities and partners, we prepare proposals for key topics for products in marketing presentations and communication campaigns with defined main messages and selection of partners. Incentives in the destination management of the territory with regard to the impacts in the territory.

Destination management is for us:
the method of systemic management of a naturally area in the conscious involvement of the community base of destination actors to create conditions for the development of sustainable tourism, Especially the coordination of activities that go beyond the activities of individual local government actors, organizations or entities in the territory/ destination.

We´re focusing on creating specific partners and stakeholder’s interest by implementing and promoting projects aimed at developing tourism in Štrbské Pleso and High Tatras with our objectives:
Stimulate sustainable tourism development with regard to the natural and cultural heritage area.

To be inspired place for holidays/ stay and visit in Štrbské Pleso, Štrba region and High Tatras.

Raise nature unique place awareness and visitors/ tourists loyalty.

Create new tourism demands in Slovakia and abroad.

Increase direct and indirect sales of holidays, stays, destination tourism products in Štrbské Pleso and High Tatras area among travel trade partners.


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Destination marketing company
ŠTRBSKÉ PLESO marketing, Ltd.

K Vodopádom 4056/69
059 85 Štrba – Štrbské Pleso, Slovakia

ID Nr.: 50491971, T ID Nr.: 2120356205
Zapísaná v OR Okresného súdu Prešov , odd. Sro, vložka 33428/P


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